Kung Hei Fat Choy

As part of the Early Year’s Curriculum the children learn about other cultures and traditions to realise that not everyone is the same as them.  We are having a great week learning about Chinese New Year. I hope that the children have been telling you about it all but if not you could ask them:

How do they prepare for Chinese New Year? (clean their houses).

How to Chinese people celebrate? (new clothes, special food, parades, fireworks and firecrackers, giving gifts including money in red envelopes)

Which colour brings good luck? (red)

How did the Emperor decide which animal to name the New Year after ? (a swimming race)

What animal is this New Year named after? (the dog)

The role play area has been very popular this week with preparation and serving of food in the restaurant and for the take away customers.

And the children really enjoyed all eating their Chinese Banquet in the classroom today.  The food was delicious; we bought it from the New Sunrise Restaurant on Kettering Road and they gave us a generous discount so if you are thinking about having a Chinese Meal then please do support them and let them know that your child had our meal!

To be or not to be…

This half term Reception have been learning about William Shakespeare and the play Hamlet. We have been learning about Shakespeare as a writer, about the setting and characters in Hamlet and about parts of the play.

Our classroom has been set up with a castle and royal banquet, the children have been writing with quills and have been dressing up and role playing as the characters.

We had a very exciting bag of objects which arrived in the classroom that we looked at and described. They were all linked to the story of Hamlet, we also found clues around the room which told us about William Shakespeare. The teachers have been in role as a king and we have been doing some drama to learn parts of the story and think about how the characters are feeling.

The children have also drawn some beautiful observational pictures of William Shakespeare and made some creative models of Hamlet’s castle.


There are lots of clips you could watch online together or you could ask your child these questions:

What is William Shakespeare famous for? (playwright and actor)

What kind of plays did he write? (sad plays/tragedies)

Where did he live? (London & Stratford)

Christmas in Reception

We’ve had a couple of very busy Christmassy weeks – I hope the children have told you all about it but incase not here’s a few pictures to jog their memories!

Last Friday we had the WFPS party which is a long standing tradition of all the children being in the hall together for party food.  We were later treated to a visit from Father Christmas.

Yesterday, while the rest of the school walked to the cinema, Steve the Magician came into entertain us and the children found him hilarious!!

Today we walked to St Peter’s for our Christmas Service and the children behaved so well and sang beautifully.

This afternoon we have made Christingles ready for the Christingle Service tomorrow at 9.15.  Do ask your children what all the components represent:

The orange  – The world

The ribbon – God’s love

The candle – Jesus’ light

The cocktail sticks – The 4 seasons

The sweets – God’s fruits (food)

Many thanks for all your support over this term.  We hope that you have a lovely restful Christmas.

The Reception Team.

Whoops-a-Daisy Angel

Apologies that this post is a bit late but hopefully our children’s stunning performance is still fresh in your minds.  We were very proud of the children (although they can sing much louder than you heard!) and they way they confidently performed in front of so many people.  It’s quite daunting to face such a sea of faces but our narrators were clear, the dancers remembered their dance and the actors all played their part.

We are now getting ready for Christmas.  The children watched the KS1 Christmas performance today and some of the children also went to Abington Vale School to watch The Elves and the Shoemaker.

The children also had Christmas dinner today, have the Christmas party on Friday, a Magic show on Monday, our Christmas Church visit next Tuesday (11am if you would like to join us walking from school at 10.45am) and the Christingle Service next Wednesday.  They may be quite tired when we break up next week…..

This year our classes have printed their Christmas Card for you – we have not done this in Reception before so do ask the children how they did it.




Nocturnal Animals Visit

We were very lucky to have a visit from Dave the owl man who brought with him a variety of different animals. We have been learning about Owl Babies as our topic so were able to impress him with some of our knowledge of Nocturnal and Diurnal creatures. We thought about the food the animals eat, where they live and what they look like.

We saw an owl, a rat, a snake, a hissing cockroach, a gecko, a stick insect, and a hedgehog. It was amazing to see the owl fly around the room, and we were all very brave and had a look at the animals and some even had a touch or a hold.

We learned that owls like to eat small furry creatures like mice, they come out at night and have soft feathers that are silent when they fly so they can sneak up on their prey. They live in trees or barns and like to make nests.

I wonder if you could ask your child….

What are the owls claws called? (talons)

What is an owls face called? (a facial disk)

What do owls feathers feel like? (soft)

What is its mouth called? (a beak)


There are lots of beautiful picture books about owls, I wonder if you could read one together (fiction or non-fiction). Here is a clip of Owl Babies you can watch together and discuss.



Owl Babies

We have just finished two weeks learning about owls and nocturnal animals.  We used the beautiful picture book – Owl Babies by Martin Waddell to do this and met and got to know the three characters – Sarah, Percy and Bill.  These little owlets were worried about where their mummy was so the children wrote them kind notes to cheer them up.  We also explored their forest using all our senses and we made our own little owls.  Next Wednesday we have a visitor coming into school who will be bringing a selection of animals for us to look at including some owls.

We made a story map of the book so ask your children to look at the above picture and see if they can remember the story.  If you are not familiar with the story you can see it on you tube  on

https://youtu.be/e6aYYiyQUmY (sorry I cannot make it a live link).

Next week we will be doing lots of rehearsals for our Christmas Production so apologies if your children are tired!  If your child is an angel or snowflake please do not worry about their costumes – an adult’s t shirt with a piece of ribbon as a belt will be perfect.  Thank you for helping them to remember their lines and also to those parents and carers who came to the maths evening this week.


Ark Farm Fun!

We can’t believe it is the end of our first half term already!

The children are mostly coming in on their own with no tears now which is fantastic! They are mostly settled, making new friendships and have learned our routines and expectations. Thankyou for all of your support and I hope you have found the Phonics evening and parents evenings to be useful.

The children have enjoyed our farm topic this week, particularly meeting some of the animals on Monday! We have been learning about the similarities and differences between the animals. We learned about their characteristics and where they live.

A few questions to ask your child:

Where do ducks live? (pond)

What noise does a donkey make? (hee haw)

What is a pigs nose called? (snout)

What feet do geese have? (webbed)

What does a cockerel have on its head? (a crown)

A text we focused on was Farmer Duck- you might have this book at home. At circle time we thought about whether we are helpful and kind like the duck or lazy like the farmer!

Have a wonderful half term and we are so excited to be learning all about transport when we come back! 🙂

Don’t forget to practice writing your name and sounds, reading your books and counting!


Poetry Day

I have to say Reception have amazed us today! It was their first time going in to the hall for a worship and they went in not once but twice! Sadly it was Mrs Morris’ last day so we went in to a celebration to give her some presents and cards! We will miss her lots and wish her the best of luck for the future.

We had a FANTASTIC time today with Ian Bland writing our very own poem- I will put a picture below. You might want to ask your child if they can teach you some of the actions.

You can visit Ian’s website for more poems: https://www.ianbland.com/poem/

The children LOVED the Michael Rosen Chocolate cake video too!



Harvest time

This week in Reception we have been celebrating Harvest Festival; we thought about God and the farmers who grow crops and about those those children who may not have as much food as we do.  The children have enjoyed learning about this special time of year, they have been playing in the bakery and green grocers role play.  On Friday all the children made bread rolls and we sat together and ate them, warm from the oven, in the afternoon.  It was (genuinely!) delicious.

Many thanks to all the parents and carers who walked down to Church with us on Wednesday.  The children walked to the church very sensibly and listened beautifully.  Thanks also to parents and carers who donated food for the Harvest which will be given to the Food bank in Northampton.

We are now settling well into a routine at school and have started teaching phonics which the children are enjoying.  We are working really hard with teaching all the children how to write their names properly so any practice at home is appreciated.  We talk about tall, small and tail letters and you will see how to size them on the paper that we have sent home.  In phonics we are learning to blend sounds to read words and as your child is able to do this they will begin to bring books with simple sentences in them.  Please initial their home link book if you read at home; we change books on a Monday and a Friday.

Pictures of our week below.

Bread making….

…and eating.

Harvest Festival at St Peter’s Church

and a phonics session.




Fir Tree Reflection Area


The children have been working really hard to fill up the marble jar. They have been doing super listening, singing, lining up and following all of our rules!

We filled up our marble jar which meant that Miss Storey got us a special treat.

A special delivery arrived in our classroom and we all had a think about what it was, the children had some good guesses! The children helped to open up the package and follow the instructions to put up the tent. The children decided where to put our tent in the classroom, we decided that one person should be allowed at a time and it is an area where children can go in and be quiet and use the calm jar.

We are all very excited to use the tent and are now learning to take turns to have a go inside it!