Nocturnal Animals Visit

We were very lucky to have a visit from Dave the owl man who brought with him a variety of different animals. We have been learning about Owl Babies as our topic so were able to impress him with some of our knowledge of Nocturnal and Diurnal creatures. We thought about the food the animals eat, where they live and what they look like.

We saw an owl, a rat, a snake, a hissing cockroach, a gecko, a stick insect, and a hedgehog. It was amazing to see the owl fly around the room, and we were all very brave and had a look at the animals and some even had a touch or a hold.

We learned that owls like to eat small furry creatures like mice, they come out at night and have soft feathers that are silent when they fly so they can sneak up on their prey. They live in trees or barns and like to make nests.

I wonder if you could ask your child….

What are the owls claws called? (talons)

What is an owls face called? (a facial disk)

What do owls feathers feel like? (soft)

What is its mouth called? (a beak)


There are lots of beautiful picture books about owls, I wonder if you could read one together (fiction or non-fiction). Here is a clip of Owl Babies you can watch together and discuss.


Ark Farm Fun!

We can’t believe it is the end of our first half term already!

The children are mostly coming in on their own with no tears now which is fantastic! They are mostly settled, making new friendships and have learned our routines and expectations. Thankyou for all of your support and I hope you have found the Phonics evening and parents evenings to be useful.

The children have enjoyed our farm topic this week, particularly meeting some of the animals on Monday! We have been learning about the similarities and differences between the animals. We learned about their characteristics and where they live.

A few questions to ask your child:

Where do ducks live? (pond)

What noise does a donkey make? (hee haw)

What is a pigs nose called? (snout)

What feet do geese have? (webbed)

What does a cockerel have on its head? (a crown)

A text we focused on was Farmer Duck- you might have this book at home. At circle time we thought about whether we are helpful and kind like the duck or lazy like the farmer!

Have a wonderful half term and we are so excited to be learning all about transport when we come back! 🙂

Don’t forget to practice writing your name and sounds, reading your books and counting!


Poetry Day

I have to say Reception have amazed us today! It was their first time going in to the hall for a worship and they went in not once but twice! Sadly it was Mrs Morris’ last day so we went in to a celebration to give her some presents and cards! We will miss her lots and wish her the best of luck for the future.

We had a FANTASTIC time today with Ian Bland writing our very own poem- I will put a picture below. You might want to ask your child if they can teach you some of the actions.

You can visit Ian’s website for more poems:

The children LOVED the Michael Rosen Chocolate cake video too!



Fir Tree Reflection Area


The children have been working really hard to fill up the marble jar. They have been doing super listening, singing, lining up and following all of our rules!

We filled up our marble jar which meant that Miss Storey got us a special treat.

A special delivery arrived in our classroom and we all had a think about what it was, the children had some good guesses! The children helped to open up the package and follow the instructions to put up the tent. The children decided where to put our tent in the classroom, we decided that one person should be allowed at a time and it is an area where children can go in and be quiet and use the calm jar.

We are all very excited to use the tent and are now learning to take turns to have a go inside it!


Starting School

The children have settled in really well over the past few weeks and I am sure you will have noticed are feeling a little tired from all the new learning! 🙂 They are now in their classes and are quickly learning our routines.

We have been giving out lots of superstar stickers for super work, super sitting, children putting their hands up, being kind and sharing with their friends. We also have pebbles in a jar for brilliant lining up, tidying and listening- when it is full the whole class will get a special treat!

You might like to ask your child to tell you about some of the rules we have at school, they might be able to tell you about super sitting, kind hands, listening ears, quiet feet.

The children have been busy making friends, settling in to their new environment. They have started doing fantastic phonics, writing their names and lots of counting. We have been reading LOTS of lovely rhyming stories, we also had a special visit from Rhyming Rocket, most children really enjoyed this and thought it was very funny when there was cake in the face! 🙂

We just want to thank you for all of your support, we are all looking forward to getting to know your child this year, there are lots of exciting things to look forward to. Please let your child come in by themselves in the mornings now so they are able to:

  1. Put coat away
  2. Put water bottle in tray
  3. Put book bag in drawer
  4. Find name and put it in box
  5. Find carpet space and read a book 🙂

Here are some lovely moments from over the past few weeks