Science Week in Reception

Our summer term started with a lot of excitement with Science week. We have been making predictions and conducting a plethora of experiments!

We could not believe our luck when Gallones Ice Cream visited us on Tuesday and Wednesday. We thought that we would be eating delicious strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream however this was not the case! We ended up trying grass, rose and  popcord flavoured ice cream!

On Thursday a dinosaur expert visited school. He brought with him lots of dinosaur fossils which we very carefully unearthed using small brushes. He also brought with him baby Jack and Sophie (ask your child who they were).

We also began tennis lessons this week and we have been enjoying learning this new sporting skill which we will continue to learn throughout this term.

Finally, Oak Trees have begun to practise for their class worship. Thank you to parents and carers who have been practising lines at home. We look forward to performing our worship on Thursday 14th June.