Technology Week

We have been learning all about technology!

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Fir and Oak trees classes have had a busy week learning all about technology. We have been writing about the technology we use at home and at school, making 3D pictures, taking and editing photographs, playing interactive maths games, exploring the new light box, using metal detectors and walkie talkie headphone sets, as well as learning to sort materials, deconstructing old technology with tools and learning to code with Bee-bots!

For the ‘Understanding the world- Technology’ Early Learning Goal children need to be able to select and use technology for particular purposes and to understand a range of technology is used in places such as home and school. 

The children impressed us with their skills and knowledge about technology, they enjoyed listing all the things a Google Home device can find out for us. We talked about online safety and all children agreed that they should not use a device like Google Home without an adult.

I wonder if your child can tell you some of the things Google home can help us to do? (Set a timer, play music, find recipes, buy items, learn new languages, answer questions, tell jokes, play audiobooks, calculator, write a shopping list.)


You can help your child by:

Downloading free interactive apps on devices such as phones or tablets (we recommend Bee-bots or any alternative basic coding game)

Encouraging your child to help you with cooking and learning how to use technology safely

Discuss with your child how to be safe online and to use age appropriate programmes

They might even be able to teach you something new 🙂


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  1. Zac was really happy to learn about technology this week although he didn’t tell me he used Google home. He loves playing the animal guessing game on Alexa at home and asking her to play music so I imagine he loved being introduced to google home.

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