For the past two weeks Reception have been learning all about dinosaurs!

Some precious dinosaur eggs were delivered to Oak Class and Fir Class. We looked after them but unfortunately some eggs hatched! We searched the whole school looking for baby dinosaurs, we knew they were walking round our classrooms as there were tiny red footprints everywhere! We made lost posters and put them around the school. We set traps to catch them. Mr Bassey found the baby dinosaurs in the Sensory Garden and they were returned to the museum.

We have learned some new vocabulary about dinosaurs. You could ask your child some of the following questions about dinosaurs:

What is the name of a dinosaur that eats meat? (carnivore)

What are people who study dinosaurs called? (paleontologist)

What is an animal with scaly skin called? (reptile)

What does a stegosaurus have on its back? (boney plates)

Fir tree class are looking forward to showing you all about what they have learned about dinosaurs in their worship on Wednesday 9th May.

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