People who help us

We have been learning about people who help us. We were lucky enough to have some visitors who came in and talked to the children about their jobs! We have been doing lots of learning about different jobs. The children have greatly enjoyed being in role as vets/nurses and police officers this week.

Matt the policeman came in on Monday and told us all about how he keeps us safe and works in the community, the children asked him lots of good questions and were particularly interested in his uniform.

Mrs Bird came in and talked to us about how she cares for the elderly in their homes, she showed us how she takes their blood pressure (she practised on Miss Storey).

Mrs May is a vet, she brought in lots of soft animals to show us, she mainly looks after cats, rabbits and dogs. She brought in some bandages and lots of equiptment too. She does lots of operations and uses her stethoscope, she gives injections, takes the animals temperature and even cuts their teeth and nails. Mrs May taught us a new word- Hibernate. Can you remember what it means?

Mrs Neeson is a nurse- she showed us how she looks after people who are poorly.

A big thank you to all of our kind visitors! I wonder what your child liked the best? http://


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