Adam Guillian- Storyteller/Author

Today we had a fantastic visit from Adam Guillian- who is a storyteller and author. He did a Key stage one assembly in the hall where he read and performed his ‘Muffins for Mummies’ story with lots of brilliant props and puppets. He then did a workshop in both reception classes where he told stories for children to do actions and join in with repeated phrases.

The children wrote their own story by thinking of a character and choosing a name, thinking about where he/she lives, thinking of a problem and an ending. The children had some very creative ideas.

I wonder if you could make up a story at home? We will be making a class story about space next week.

I have attached a link so that you can find his books online if you would like to buy some.




Cake Sales

We would like to say a great big thank you to all of the parents who made or bought cakes for our cake sales; they were a big success and we made over £250 which will be spent primarily on books!

Also a big thank you to parents who volunteered to help!
Thanks again,

The reception Team


Kung Hei Fat Choy

As part of the Early Year’s Curriculum the children learn about other cultures and traditions to realise that not everyone is the same as them.  We are having a great week learning about Chinese New Year. I hope that the children have been telling you about it all but if not you could ask them:

How do they prepare for Chinese New Year? (clean their houses).

How to Chinese people celebrate? (new clothes, special food, parades, fireworks and firecrackers, giving gifts including money in red envelopes)

Which colour brings good luck? (red)

How did the Emperor decide which animal to name the New Year after ? (a swimming race)

What animal is this New Year named after? (the dog)

The role play area has been very popular this week with preparation and serving of food in the restaurant and for the take away customers.

And the children really enjoyed all eating their Chinese Banquet in the classroom today.  The food was delicious; we bought it from the New Sunrise Restaurant on Kettering Road and they gave us a generous discount so if you are thinking about having a Chinese Meal then please do support them and let them know that your child had our meal!