To be or not to be…

This half term Reception have been learning about William Shakespeare and the play Hamlet. We have been learning about Shakespeare as a writer, about the setting and characters in Hamlet and about parts of the play.

Our classroom has been set up with a castle and royal banquet, the children have been writing with quills and have been dressing up and role playing as the characters.

We had a very exciting bag of objects which arrived in the classroom that we looked at and described. They were all linked to the story of Hamlet, we also found clues around the room which told us about William Shakespeare. The teachers have been in role as a king and we have been doing some drama to learn parts of the story and think about how the characters are feeling.

The children have also drawn some beautiful observational pictures of William Shakespeare and made some creative models of Hamlet’s castle.

There are lots of clips you could watch online together or you could ask your child these questions:

What is William Shakespeare famous for? (playwright and actor)

What kind of plays did he write? (sad plays/tragedies)

Where did he live? (London & Stratford)