Christmas in Reception

We’ve had a couple of very busy Christmassy weeks – I hope the children have told you all about it but incase not here’s a few pictures to jog their memories!

Last Friday we had the WFPS party which is a long standing tradition of all the children being in the hall together for party food.  We were later treated to a visit from Father Christmas.

Yesterday, while the rest of the school walked to the cinema, Steve the Magician came into entertain us and the children found him hilarious!!

Today we walked to St Peter’s for our Christmas Service and the children behaved so well and sang beautifully.

This afternoon we have made Christingles ready for the Christingle Service tomorrow at 9.15.  Do ask your children what all the components represent:

The orange  – The world

The ribbon – God’s love

The candle – Jesus’ light

The cocktail sticks – The 4 seasons

The sweets – God’s fruits (food)

Many thanks for all your support over this term.  We hope that you have a lovely restful Christmas.

The Reception Team.

Whoops-a-Daisy Angel

Apologies that this post is a bit late but hopefully our children’s stunning performance is still fresh in your minds.  We were very proud of the children (although they can sing much louder than you heard!) and they way they confidently performed in front of so many people.  It’s quite daunting to face such a sea of faces but our narrators were clear, the dancers remembered their dance and the actors all played their part.

We are now getting ready for Christmas.  The children watched the KS1 Christmas performance today and some of the children also went to Abington Vale School to watch The Elves and the Shoemaker.

The children also had Christmas dinner today, have the Christmas party on Friday, a Magic show on Monday, our Christmas Church visit next Tuesday (11am if you would like to join us walking from school at 10.45am) and the Christingle Service next Wednesday.  They may be quite tired when we break up next week…..

This year our classes have printed their Christmas Card for you – we have not done this in Reception before so do ask the children how they did it.