Starting School

The children have settled in really well over the past few weeks and I am sure you will have noticed are feeling a little tired from all the new learning! 🙂 They are now in their classes and are quickly learning our routines.

We have been giving out lots of superstar stickers for super work, super sitting, children putting their hands up, being kind and sharing with their friends. We also have pebbles in a jar for brilliant lining up, tidying and listening- when it is full the whole class will get a special treat!

You might like to ask your child to tell you about some of the rules we have at school, they might be able to tell you about super sitting, kind hands, listening ears, quiet feet.

The children have been busy making friends, settling in to their new environment. They have started doing fantastic phonics, writing their names and lots of counting. We have been reading LOTS of lovely rhyming stories, we also had a special visit from Rhyming Rocket, most children really enjoyed this and thought it was very funny when there was cake in the face! 🙂

We just want to thank you for all of your support, we are all looking forward to getting to know your child this year, there are lots of exciting things to look forward to. Please let your child come in by themselves in the mornings now so they are able to:

  1. Put coat away
  2. Put water bottle in tray
  3. Put book bag in drawer
  4. Find name and put it in box
  5. Find carpet space and read a book 🙂

Here are some lovely moments from over the past few weeks