Learning Champions

We talked to the children today about what they should be doing during independent learning and we introduced them to our Learning Dinosaurs:


Thinkosaur who works hard to solves problems and thinks carefully about what he learns.

Explorosaur who asks lots of questions to find things out and learn.

Tryosaur who never gives up and always tries his best.

Our expectation is that they will be like our little dinosaurs and be busy and productive learners.  We also told the children that we would have Independent Learning Awards to those children who worked hard, challenged themselves and who are resourceful during independent learning.

The children are now given an independent job to complete every day.  Some are much more conscientious about doing them than others (!) so you might like to ask your child what their job was and how well they did it.  Their job tomorrow is to look after an egg all day so if they come home with an unbroken egg you will know that they have been careful.  We are setting this job to try to encourage them to look after the resources at school after a run of things getting broken.

Finally congratulations to Sam (Fir) and Helena (Oak) who represented their classes in the school ‘Spellathon’ today, both doing very well.

Thank you for your support.

Outdoor Learning Day

We hope your children came home excited about our first outdoor learning day albeit probably tired and muddy. We had an excellent day, braving all the weathers and are sorry that it rained just as parents and carers arrived. If you child cannot remember what they did here are some reminders. We made owl masks, a bird food lollipop and a magic potion. We went on a bug hunt and found, much to the children’s excitement, lots of frogs which they observed with their magnifying glasses. We also played some games and enjoyed a hot chocolate together.

Please do leave a comment below to let us know what your child said about the day. Many thanks to Miss Storey for getting us all organised!