We are Superstars!!!!!!

The children have been doing really well so far in Reception and are settling in beautifully cheap new balance 574. They are learning our routines and our expectations for behaviour! Here are some questions for you to ask them:

How should you move around the classroom? (walking feet)

What voice should you use inside the classroom? (inside voice)

How do you sit on the carpet? (super sitting with legs crossed)

What hands do we use? (kind hands)

What could you do to get a superstar sticker? (share/be kind/be helpful/have nice manners/work hard/ try your best/ don’t give up/listen to adults)

How many stickers do you need to have to get a dip in the treat tin? (10)

What do you need to remember after you have been to the toilet? (flush and wash hands)

What happens if you do not behave well? (Sit under the sad cloud)